Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Side note... at the beginning: Today was the first day of my second year of college! It was fairly routine, though routine hasn't yet been established.

Wildlife in the Modern World 8:30
Anatomy and Physiology with Ted, Danny, and Ali 9:30
Break with Ted, Gail, Austin, and Sam 10:30
Second year Korean with the Korean Kid's Klub and company at 11:30
Classes are out, so it becomes study time 12:30
On only two days of the week do I have any classes other than that and on Fridays I have no Wildlife class. Baller schedule you guys.

Only thing different this year is that I actually started studying right away. There is a test in Korean tomorrow and I started studying for it right after class, which totally wiped me out. I never study on my own as a general rule and now I know why. I fell asleep after only a few hours of studying and everything takes so long when there is no one there to joke around with. I don't suggest solo studying for anyone, ever. Luckily, Gail needed help with her first quarter Korean stuff and I am the person to provide it. She also needed help with her Chinese, so Danny who lives right near me was the person for that job. Party at my apartment? Yes, yes there was.

I already know Japanese fairly fluently, though recently Korean has been getting in the way and it is my new goal to refresh my Japanese with every new thing we learn in Korean. But to add on top of that, I am trying to teach myself Vietnamese. It is neigh on to impossible, but I am determined and I could always go to Danny if I really need help. And on top of THAT, since Gail was learning Chinese from Danny in my apartment, I figured what the heck, I might as well get on that ship too. It is incredibly fun. By the end of the night, we had the four tones down and were learning how to speak sentences that Danny made for us and were picking out the flaws in a video Danny once made where Vietnamese people were cast into Chinese speaking roles. Needless to say, there were quite a few flaws since the tones are a smidgen different and the girls were just making what was to them sounds rather than words.

It was an intense session, especially considering that Gail and I both had no clue when we started and ended with a thumbs up and a high five from Danny. I am slightly determined to learn Chinese from Gail and Danny over the rest of this quarter. Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese would make my language loving self extremely happy, but my brain would be on the verge of having a revolt, so I am uncertain about what to do.

By the way, the magick-y fun thing that I have been up to is putting a different crystal under my pillow for two nights each to see how they affect my sleep and dreams. Tonight is my second night of Adventurine, though I might go a third night since I was too nervous last night to sleep well and my test tomorrow is liable to make tonight the same.

And I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas about how to get over a fear of the dark. It has been bugging me a great deal recently, so much so that I emailed Konstantinos, since he seems like the guy to go to for all night and darkness related things. -don't scoff at me!-

So goodnight y'all! I must sleep till 5 then prepare for Korean test! It is called a "mini-quiz" but the description she told us gave it the air of a test. Sweet dreams and hope you have a good breakfast to brighten your day tomorrow!

Wow. No links in this post... Psych! Here's Danny's video that I mentioned: Gotta Love
And I gotta love you guys! See ya!

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