Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh My Stars, a Blog!

I have long told myself that I would never write a blog because something about that just says, "Although I have a life, the fact that I have time to write about it would suggest otherwise." And I do have a life. Somedays. I am mostly writing this for my personal benefit and if the random stranger decides to look at it, well that's alright too I suppose. I can't promise anything of interest, since this is mostly a soapbox for me to stand on and rant. A lot of what I will rant about is the Pagan community, since although they are mostly loveable and friendly, they are human. And my goodness we can be dumb.

 I am reminded of the movie The Adjustment Bureau where a group of non-people has to dictate our life paths because we just can't seem to not kill ourselves. By the way, I watched that movie the other night when neither of my roommates were home and it is incredible. I recommend it to everyone no matter what you like in movies. Quality has nothing to do with our likes and dislikes.

Speaking of quality, I wonder if I have killed my friends with the pork I made last night. It had a chicken seasoning on it and was served with a Cambodian vegetable provided by Momo's mother and then all atop some pasta with Triple Goddess seasoning. It was tender pork butt and I cooked it for a while, but it was a little pink in the middle and I vaguely remember my mother saying something about how pork should never have color in the middle. So I really am praying that I haven't killed us all. And the seasonings were both from The Kitchen Witch Gourmet and are totally worth it. When they get their site working again, I will definitely be buying more seasonings.

Speaking of Kitchen Witching, I was wondering if I am the only person who finds it difficult to cook (being an amateur) at the same time as empowering my food. I am always too worried about whether or not it will burn to focus on how the food will make everyone feel. Tammy told me that things like that will become more natural over time and I shouldn't expect them to happen quickly, but I just feel a tad deficient. By the way, the best kitchen witchy witch ever is my best friend, Michelle. If she had a blog about all her cooking adventures and recipes, I would definitely read and recommend it. *cough cough*

And now it has gotten late and I can no longer stay awake. Despite the fact that it is only 10:30. More on my opinions tomorrow. I rather enjoy knowing that there is very little possibility that someone will care enough to read this. So for all of you not reading this, goodnight!


  1. Tammy is right. It will come.

    I am sure your pork was fine. A tinge of pink, and PINK are different. Now-a-days, the need to turn pork into shoe leather is not so great, and the pork has much less fat, so that it is far less tolerant of overcooking. As long as it is cooked through it is probably O.K. I still over-cook the pork and have to back off. I, too, am learning as I go, even after all this time.

  2. Thank you! You don't know how happy that makes me to hear. I was quite concerned that I killed us all and stayed awake fairly late into the night with that fear.