Sunday, September 25, 2011

All the Days Should Be the Same

I thought today would be rather lifeless when I woke up this morning, but it turned out just fabulously. Luckily for me, and for everyone else too, life happens to be amazing and everything will always work out to be fun.

Momo and I thought that we would just go to Target today to buy some cleaning supplies for the bathroom (don't want that to get dirty!) and of course we ended up buying Momo a leather jacket and new boots and me a purse for when I go clubbing--never--and a beanie with a... visor thingie?... on the front. I was bullied into buying it, I swear. And to add to that, on the way to target, we saw my friend Megan H. on the bus and she invited us to Pho and to watch The Rocky Horror Picture show, which was supposed to be free tonight. Of course, she got pushed into tabling for Dawg Daze tonight and we couldn't go. Luckily, I have friends. (Seriously you guys, friends are the one thing that keeps me happy and optimistic all the time.)

Oh! And as a little Pagan-centered sidenote, a couple joined the conversation explaining what the Rocky Horror Picture Show is about to Momo and my Pagan radar went off and I thought, LOOK! My people! Although it would have been immensely awkward to ask them if they were Pagan, I eavesdropped on the conversation (shame on me) and heard them talking about a Pagan gathering in Oregon. Pagani Radar for the win!

So when we returned home, I knew I couldn't just sit around doing nothing and texted Mai, who just moved in to her apartment. Momo, Mai, and I ended up being total creepers and tapping on Ted and Danny's bedroom windows until they noticed us and came out to get us. By the way, I have set up Danny and Mai in my head because they are both some of my favorite people in the world and they never fail to seem like they are flirting, despite the fact that Mai says she doesn't like him in that way. Suspicious? Yes, I think it is.

And the most wonderful part of the evening was that this was the first time in the past few weeks that Ted hasn't made fun of me for being Pagan! I love that kid, but my stars, he can be a jerk. We were watching the Lion King the other day at my apartment and when Rafiki, the baboon, was on the screen all Ted did was look at me and jokingly say, "Freaking black magic." Added to the way he made fun of the Tarot spread I did for Danny and how he joked around about the Pagan shelf on my bookcase, I was about ready to hurt that boy.

But really, all we did while there was fight with styrofoam swords, help Ted and Danny set up their room, and watch videos. Ted and Danny make a lot of videos with Mai and some other people from their Vietnamese class, like their video Broken Bonds and Danny singing hella pro and a few others that happened to be on Danny's channel. It was all ended off with a few horror clips (during which I was cowering behind Momo and Danny was laughing his head off at me). And then to lighten the mood, we watched how Ted asked out his prom date in high school. There were rose petals falling from the sky (upstairs) and he was wearing a masquerade mask and a player hat. If I had been there, I would have been rolling on the floor laughing.

I suppose that most of what happened today was unexpected and random, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I can only hope that this kind of hang out continues once school starts. I am assuming it will since everyone lives nearby (all I need to do is walk across the top of a brick wall and jump two fences to get to Ted and Danny's house). And check out those videos, I love these people.
Oh! And Michelle did end up starting that Kitchen Witchen' blog, so you should get a look at that when you can!

I hope all of you, who are probably not reading this, have as great a week as I have had a day today!

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