Friday, October 7, 2011

Tidbits and Pebbles

Just thought I would mention this, but I keep checking my blog to see if there is a new story on it. I have a feeling that this would account for the large-ish amount of views I see when I go to my main page to make a new post.

And now onto the real blog.

So this week I honestly began my volunteer job at Ten Thousand Villages and I have continued running every other day and doing sit ups every morning for the Get Off Your Broomstick! fitness challenge. Soon the second week will begin and I hope I can keep this good pattern up. I didn't even want to go running this morning because it was raining, but living in Seattle, I suppose that is something I will have to get used to running in. Luckily, it was just light rain and rather refreshing. The only time I won't run will be when it is snowing and iced up everywhere. I already know that I will slip and die if I try to run in anything more slick than rain.

Oh, and the Universe rocks my socks you guys. It always sets me up right where I want to be when I am up here in Seattle. Sometimes I wonder if that is because I am in University District, which is reminiscent of Universe District, so maybe the Universe pays a bit more attention to people around here.

And I also have been doing "on your broomstick" type things as well as the "Off Your Broomstick" type things. Mostly I have been working with crystals and their effects on sleep. This began when my friend Tammy told me to put hematite and quartz under my pillow and I found that I had a different type of dream. For the past week and a half or so I have been putting a crystal under my pillow for two consecutive nights to see how it affects me. (This is a horrible study since it is not double blind, I have no control over the quality and amount of work that I do during the day, and there is only me being tested and I only leave it under the pillow for two nights, but I'm fairly positive that I am the only person that really annoys.)

My results so far:

Quartz: My dreams are calmer and happier. Nothing sticks out much when I wake up, but they return to me in pieces over the day, usually because I do something that is similar to what happened in my dream.
Hematite: I have no dreams that I can remember at all. I hit the pillow and am out cold until the morning.
Ocean Jasper: Once again my dreams are calmer than usual, but I remember them from the moment that I wake up. There has been a theme of friendship in both the dreams I had.
Red Tiger's Eye: I feel safer when I go to sleep (I am terrified of the dark) and The dreams I have are less violent than usual, but I wouldn't say they are calm and cheerful. I also feel safe in the dreams, unlike without the crystals.
I currently have a goldstone under my pillow and I will release those results next time I post... or maybe the time after next...

Oh, and for reference, since the beginning of last year, my dreams are violent and lots of people die and they stick with me after I wake up, giving me a feeling of pseudo reality. I get many nightmares and most of the time there is a sick twisted part to the dream, like a woman who adopts young girls and whores them out until she has no use for them and throws them in the furnace to fuel the house and keep it warm.

And on that positive note, adieu! Bonjour! Safe travels! I hope this day leads you to somewhere wonderful, like a library or a little grove of trees!

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